Hello!! Welcome to 5 Talents Photography!

“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.” ~  Brigitte Bardot

My name is Vanessa, lazy people call me V, and 5 Talents Photography is my company and my passion!

Just in case you where wondering…

5 Talents is Pretoria based but I work all over Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa specialising in wedding photography and happy couple photography… that being said, my passion is people 🙂 so if you’re looking for family photos, newborn photography or just about anything else, I can help you with that too 😉

I thrive on photographing the many different aspects of peoples lives – from their beautiful wedding day to their 1st born child and every family photo and special event after that…

This is me!  I have NO professional photos of myself (shocking, I know!)

I have two BEAUTIFUL little boys who are my biggest  joy and  greatest achievement!

I love hanging out with family and friends  🙂

I love coca cola, a good braai, the beach, the bush, pizza, old things, new gadgets, DIY projects….  and lots of other things…

Gee my ‘n grondpad en ‘n windpomp ek is in die sewende hemel!

I’m fluent in english and afrikaans, spelling is NOT my strong point, I find silly jokes extremely funny, if you cry on your wedding day I’ll cry right along with you,

if those gorgeous heels are killing you I wont tell anyone that you changed into pumps, I dont eat fruit cake 😉

Wishing you much fun on my site and many more visits!

Love, V xxx


Do you offer high resolution images for me to print myself?

Yes!  All of the images you recieve are high res on a dvd so you can go wild 🙂

Do we get some black and white photos as well?

Yes, I choose the photos which work best in black and white and other special colour effects and include a copy of them with the final images…

I dont do every photo in black and white so that you dont have to look at each and every photo twice, it becomes really boring for friends and family 😉

How long before we get to fetch our photos after the wedding?

Depending on the time of year between 4-8 weeks, I will neither rush a wedding nor make you wait unnecessarily!

Do you use a second shooter/assistant?

Yes, each wedding has an assistant

Can you make a pic black and white and leave some parts colour like my bouquet?

I can but I wont.  This style is outdated and you’ll regret it when your house is full of enlargements of these and it looks like you got married in the 90’s

How long before the wedding should we have the e-shoot?

It depends on whether or not you need the pics for your stationary. Sooner rather than later is usually best.

Do you choose the e-shoot venue or do we?

I have a list of venues which I know are pretty and safe but feel free to suggest your own venue!!!

What if it rains??!!

No problem! We always make a plan indoors, in the chapel, on a pretty balcony or even under umbrellas and we always have studio equipment available! If worst comes to worst we can schedule a re-shoot after the wedding but this is seldom necessary!

What do you wear to our special day?

My assistant and I dress neat and inconspicuous, we dont wear company shirts or fishing jackets with loads of pockets, thats old-school… and not in a good way!

Do you do albums?

I outsource my albums to a brilliant designer! If you’re interested I’ll send you her pricelist!

Can you suggest how long everything takes during a wedding?

Check out my timeline under ‘For my clients’

Do you photograph the groom before the ceremony?

My assistant will photograph him and his dudes getting ready unless they are at a seperate venue in which case we will photograph them

after the ceremony.

Do you do table shots and party photos?

We take a formal photo of each table at the photobooth before main course.. we do not take photos of people at their tables. In my opinion, a table is a place for conversation and enjoying meals and I find it rude to stick my camera inbetween… if you feel you would like photos like these I would recommend a disposable camera at each table.  We do, however, love getting fun party photos on the dance floor!

Do we get ALL the photos you take?

No.  You get all the best photos I take… I promise not to withhold any pretty picture just to stick within the quoted amount, but I wont give you all my light tests, shots where your eyes are closed or shots where you look weird… Have you ever paused a person on tv and laughed at the expression on thier face? Well I have many of those funny faces at the end of the day 😉 and trust me, you dont want them amongst your gorgeous wedding photos!

Do you travel for weddings

I do 🙂  mail me!

Can we meet in person?

Absolutely! My home/office is in Faerie Glen, Pta, I’d love to have you over for coffee so we can chat about your special day!  If you live far away we can skype!

I choose you!!!! Now what?

Send me a mail, I’ll send you a contract.  A deposit of 50% secures your date and its all fun from there!  Break out the champagne!

If you have a question for me to add to the list, drop me a mail  😉   I’d be happy to answer it for you!

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