Couple shoot Q&As

I often get asked a lot of questions regarding the engagement session… What should we wear, what will it be like, what location are we using, etc…

so here are the answers you’re looking for 🙂  I hope this helps make the anticipation of this exciting shoot even more exhilarating!

What to wear:

These are suggestions based on what I’ve seen works, and what I’ve seen spoil a shoot in the past…  I have a slight dress code that is not meant to restrict your personal style, but to help you get the most out of your shoot!

My engagement shoots are a casual, fun-filled time to get to know each other… however, too casual can spoil the whole look!  Therefore, please, no sports caps, no logo-splashed T-shirts, no super matchey outfits.

Layering is a great way to give depth and interest to an outfit… scarves, jackets, pull overs, hair accessories, interesting pieces of jewellery, different textures… and a cute pair of shoes or boots!  Love!  If you’re unsure, please feel free to mms me a pic of your outfit and I’ll be happy to give you my opinion 😉

Make sure your hair is looking its best, you should walk out of your house thinking “wow, I look amazing”… then you’re on the right track to a very successful shoot 🙂

Also try out a couple of make-up options with your girlfriends and get some opinions… if you have someone who can do it for you,even better… even if you ar’nt used to wearing make-up, a nice, natural make-up look will really make a difference to the end result!

You are welcome to bring your own props with… just please let me know about them so that I can prepare some ideas before hand 🙂

You can even bring your doggie if you’d really like!

Here are some examples:

Location, location, location!

I have a list of a few of my favourite locations, but you are welcome to suggest a location if you have something specific in mind!  I usually choose a location within 2 weeks before the shoot… sounds like we’re leaving it to the last minute, but it doesn’t help choosing a location because it has pretty flowers in May when your shoot is in July 😉

I also choose to shoot late afternoon, unless we discuss another arrangement, but if possible the best light is nice late afternoon light 🙂  and I’m available for these shoots mostly during the week but also on Saturdays if I do not have a wedding, so please keep this in mind as you may need to take an hour off work 😉

Styled shoot

I am 100% open to having styled shoots… please feel free to discuss a theme or idea you have for your shoot and we can work together to make some magic 😉

Please don’t:

Please don’t bring your family along for a quick family shoot in between the couple photos… if you need some family pics taken I’d be happy to quote you for that!

Please don’t drink red wine or eat a food that’s going to colour your teeth before the shoot… also don’t try improve your tan the day before the shoot… coloured teeth and red (or orange overly self-tanned skin) can be disastrous and not always fixable!

Don’t force your man to wear something he is not happy to wear… miserable men are no fun 😉 hehe

And that’s all I have to say about that! 🙂

Please e-mail me if you need any more info, I’d love to add any questions you may have if they can benefit my clients!

Love, V


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