Tips & Timeline

This is my recommended time schedule for a well organised wedding day!

Template for time schedule  

BC= before ceremony

3hr 30minBC /  12.30: If possible, photographer to shoot groom and groomsmen

3hr BC /                 1.00: Reception to be ready for photographer to take photos of details.

2hr BC /                2.00: Photographer arrives with bride to take pics of details and candid shots

1hr 30min BC /  2.30: All Hair and make up to be done

1hr 15min BC /   2:45: Bride to get into dress, Bridesmaids to already be dressed

1hr BC /                3.00: Bride and Bridesmaids to be ready for a few formal shots

30min BC /         3.30: Photographer to leave bride to get to the ceremony early

15min BC /          3:45:  Photographer to photograph groom if earlier was not possible

+- 4.00:  Wedding Ceremony (30-45min)

10min / 4.45 – 5.00:  Congratulations and throwing petals, bubbles, etc.

15min /  5.00 – 5.15:  Family pics

15min /  5.15 – 5.30:  Bridal party fun pics

45min-1hr /     5.30:  Creative shoot with couple

6.15-6.30: Couple enters reception


For the Bride: 

Please note that your bridesmaids should be dressed and ready before you, if not, you will have photos of yourself getting dressed but your bridesmaids will usually be quite un co-operative if they still have curlers in their hair.  It also just makes for much prettier candid photos if everyone is looking their best.

Please be very strict with your hair and make-up artists, they are usually running behind schedule and are often the cause of pre-bridal shoots being cut short, this is absolutely awful as it is such an important part of the day, don’t let them spoil it for you!!

Please have all your details, jewellry, shoes, perfume, garter, etc ready for me to photograph when I arrive.

Please EAT something!!!  you will need it, its a very long day!

Please try and organise that your bridesmaids and everyone else who is in your dressing room, not leave things lying around all over the place, try and keep all the make-up bags, coke cans, hairdryers and suitcases out of sight or in another room.

Please be aware that the more light, the better!!  If possible, get ready in the most spacious, light room you have available.

Hang all the dresses on pretty hangers!  You’ll cringe if you see your beautiful dress hanging on a pick and pay hanger in the photos afterwards (has happened!) 😉

Organise some music 🙂  it really has a great effect!

For the Groom: 

Yes, you may have to get dressed really early, but i know how quickly you guys get sorted so you can get back into your shorts and Ts for a while after the shoot, it will really be worth it!

If this is not possible, dont stress, I will still take your pics then in between, but please try my 1st option, its definitely the better one!

Please have all your details ready for me to photograph when i arrive, ie, tie, cuff links, shoes, speech, funny socks or anything else interesting you may have organised 😉

Only get dressed after i have arrived, I will give you a chance to get dressed privately but I’d like to photograph you putting on your tie, cuff links, etc.

Dont drink too much!! Its tempting, its fun, but it makes you go all red in the face, not very attractive 😉  if you want, you can borrow some translucent powder from a lady family member and powder yourself up, it takes away shine beautifully, but I know you guys hate the idea, sooo.. use it, dont use it 😉 its up to you.


Please try and arrange with your reception venue that the decor be done 3 and a half hours before the start of the ceremony, or at least one table must be fully finished, taking the reception detail photos once the guests are already in the hall is not ideal.

Please make a list of  family photos that must be done after the ceremony, it’s usually around 10 groups or less, try only the most important ones, remember, the others can all be taken at the photobooth!

If you are planning a huge group shot, please let me know well in advance, I need to scout out a spot that will work!

Please ask your MC to announce anything that is about to happen at least 5 minutes before you start, eg, the first dance, and check with me that I am ready so as to make sure we dont miss anything.  I’m usually at the right place at the right time, but just in case 😉

Do a little countdown when you throw the bouquet and garter so that it is easier for me to time the right shot 😉


Remember, happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.

The journey IS the reward!

I hope your wedding day is the perfect start to this journey 🙂

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